Otter BoydHello, I’m Otter Boyd. I come from a story book set in the early 1900s. It’s a fine time and place to live but sometimes I like to explore beyond the boundaries of my book. This site gives me the special ability to jump from the pages of a book and play in other times and places too. Here I can share the very real art I’ve done and photos I’ve taken while out on adventures around my home in Muskoka, Ontario. As my book develops I can share that here as well.

Both in my story and the present day I am living and growing up in a peaceful natural area surrounded by vast unspoiled wilderness, forests, fields, lakes, rivers and abundant nature. The Barkway-Lewisham wilderness (near Gravenhurst, Ontario) is an ideal environment for playing outdoors, painting and photographing! Almost every photo you see on the site is taken on my property or within a few minutes of it. While nature is abundant and diverse I see very few people out here. On the website however it is always nice any time people can stop to say “hello” or leave a sign that they have visited!

New Milestone Reached!

Otter greatly appreciates all the people who have shown interest in him and his work. But, he is a little bit shy about the attention and never makes a fuss about it. So I will! As of September 2017 Otter has a lot of friends, fans and followers! Over 115,000 people following his nature and outdoor photos! Over 23,000 people following his artwork! And over 2,100 people following everything! The total number of views on his content now exceeds 100 Million!..and all that is just on Otter’s Google Plus page! If we take into account the subscribers and views here too, and any other place he has appeared, imagine how much larger all those numbers might be!

Now we are hoping to reach a new milestone for this website too. Here on the website, when the magic number of “thumbs up” buttons are clicked, comments are made or subscribers is reached we will make a new announcement to share the great news! Otter and I appreciate all your interest and help to get him and his site to grow, and to show his thanks Otter will continue to do his best to create and share stories, artwork and photos for you! Or as Otter says “As long as you keep clicking stuff and making comments, I’ll love to keep creating stuff for you to click and comment on!”


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