As the site grows I will continue adding paintings and illustrations to this page, and more info about specific paintings in blog posts under the Art category. I love painting, specially child portraits and activities, so if you enjoy the style of my work and would like a painting done for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, please get in touch with me today. I can work from photos and provide finished work to you in original, print or digital form so you can print as you please or use online.

Many of the pieces of artwork you see on the site may be available in original, print or digital form so if you see something you’d like to have please let me know! For example, the winter scene paintings shown on this page were created for use as Christmas cards and art prints and copies are still available.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed doing sports photography and then sports portrait paintings from photos (sometimes from photos I shot and sometimes from photos sent to me from the sporting families). I specially like doing kids’ Little League baseball, tee-ball, ice hockey, Scouting, fishing, soccer, motocross and rodeo photos and paintings. Any sort of play, activity, hobby or sport that captures the child’s personality and interests is a pleasure to paint! If you know anyone with kids involved in any of those activities, or any other interesting activity, please share this page with them.

In addition to doing paintings for individuals I’ve done book illustrations and artwork for non-profit groups and businesses for use in promotional materials, advertising, logos, displays, newsletters and online.

I’m currently working on a tee-ball Little League baseball theme painting, some new Christmas card artwork for the coming season, and of course illustrations for my book! I will start sharing some of those illustrations here soon!