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We have quite a few families of beavers in the area but as they are most active at night I don’t get many opportunities to photograph them up close and in daylight like this. This beaver enjoyed foraging for sprouts in the long grass and didn’t mind me approaching for a few photos. He watched me for a moment and then decided to waddle back into his pond. As he swam in his pond I saw his mate also patrolling the water.

I suspect they have a large family so I am now on the lookout for baby beavers. The babies are fun to watch and are very cute but I’ve only ever had a chance to see them, and swim with them, in the dead of night. By the way, I recommend against swimming with beavers at any time. Beavers, and otters too, can be fiercely territorial and protective of their young and have been known to inflict terrible injuries on dogs and people swimming too near their dens or young.