Blue Spotted Salamander in Muskoka Ontario

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blue spotted salamander

I found this little salamander walking around my front step after a rain (Barkway-Lewisham, Gravenhurst area of Muskoka, Ontario). I’ve seen several around that I could more easily identify as blue spotted salamanders, but have seen a few of these too which are not so easy to identify. It might be a small-mouth salamander, a hybrid, or maybe even a very rare Jefferson. I’m doing more searches for info and asking some experts for their opinions. For now I’m calling him a blue spotted but will update this page if I hear otherwise. If you have any idea what type he is please let me know in the comments.

Here are a couple more pictures below:

blue spotted salamander muskoka

blue spotted salamander muskoka ontario


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  1. Min

    Wish I was an herpetologist to help itdentify the salamander but the different views shown in your excellent photography will surely be a key in identifying it. I’ve never seen one like that so thanks for having that camera ready for such unexpected shots.


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thanks, it is a tricky one to identify but so far the votes are leaning in favor of it being a blue spotted. As for having a camera ready for the unexpected shots, I can thank all the unexpected visitors who keep showing up on the doorstep asking to be photographed!