Boy Looking Up At The Moon And Stars

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boy looking up at the moon and stars

Today I am sending you a postcard from a dream. At least I think it was a dream. It seemed so real that I cannot be sure.

The whole time I was in the bath last night I heard my cat meowing outside the bathroom window. After my bath I went outside to bring him in and found he was wearing a collar. This was very mysterious as he never wears a collar! I removed it to have a close look and saw tiny handwriting all the way around the leather band. The writing said:


Tonight no matter where we are;
Side by side, near or far.
Even when we are in different lands;
Through the sky we are holding hands.
Lets look up together at the moon and stars!


I knew this message must have come from the girl down the way. Out here in the wilderness “down the way” is such a distance that I cannot be sure if it really exists at all. Just thinking that it might be real got me excited about having a visitor. I ran down the driveway to try to catch up with her but was too late. She was gone and I was alone in the dark on my driveway.

As I walked back up the driveway toward the house I became disappointed, sad and even a little bit scared about being alone in the dark again. Then I saw the moon and stars and remembered the poem on the cat’s collar. In that moment I felt someone take my hand and walk with me back up to the house. Together we looked at the moon and stars until we fell asleep.

When I woke up with the sunrise I couldn’t be sure if the meeting under the moon and stars had been real or a dream. I could only be sure that it felt real. I suddenly realized this was the point of the message on the cat’s collar. Whether awake or dreaming, near or far, friends are always with us under the moon and stars. All we need to to is remember to look up, think of them and then we are holding hands again!


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  1. Pamela Cherry

    What a lovely message Otter Boyd – and so true – I also love the way you have back lit the house for this photograph – magical.


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  2. Min

    Otter you certainly have many gifts – delightful be be able to write such meaningful words to add to photography and stirring to read.


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    • Otter Boyd

      thank you, it is fun to create the pictures and stories and even more fun when I know somebody is seeing them!