Boy On The Beach With The Great Sandcastle

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Otter Boyd boy looking at sandcastle on the beach

It was a warm sunny day yesterday so I rushed to get all my chores done and then rode my bike to the beach. In case you’re wondering what my chores were I’ll list them here:

1. Put air in my tires.

I can’t remember the rest but I assure you that I’m a responsible and hardworking country boy who gets his chores done.

I arrived at the waterfront to find an amazing sight, one of the biggest and best sandcastles I’ve ever seen on this beach! It was certainly worthy of turning into a special postcard for you! The other amazing sight was seeing the beach deserted on such a nice day. It was a school day so all the unfortunate children were trapped indoors instead of enjoying healthy fun in the sun like they usually do here.

Anyway, enough with the depressing stuff about school, back to the sandcastle – not only was it so big and full of details but I could see that it had been made a few days earlier. There were signs it had survived some rain and all the footprints of its makers were washed away. In all the days it stood here nobody disturbed it. No dog-walkers let their dogs trample it, no castle crashers came along to destroy it and no officials from the town came out to remove it for “safety reasons” or for concerns that it might offend all the people who don’t live in castles.

As I played on the beach and swam in the lake I noticed lots more people coming down to look at the sandcastle. Some people thought I made it since I was the only little boy around. I had to keep explaining to everyone that it’s a mystery how it got here. I insisted that it’s something we should preserve, document and study so that we might gain insight into this tribe of castle builders. Clearly this is the work of a highly advanced civilization.

Most people didn’t take this seriously at all. They just asked me to pose with the sandcastle so they could take pictures. A lady took some photos and said she was going to contact the newspaper to let them know all about the sandcastle. I’m going to check later on this week to see if I made the front page!

Some people think that living in a small town couldn’t be very exciting but where else would we see a sandcastle like this go unharmed for days? Where else could we get ourselves into the newspaper just for seeing it? And where else could I have left my shoes…and beach towel…and hat…and t-shirt? Just thought I would ask that last one because I apparently left some stuff behind at the beach. But that’s ok. After I have done my chores I will go back to the beach and find everything still there and undisturbed just like the sandcastle!


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  1. Min

    Photo amazing – absolutely love your particular sense of humor – very refreshing to read a positive sense of life at that lakeside


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