White Cosmos Flower

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It is nice to see cosmos blooms in mass plantings but sometimes less is more as in the case of this lone white cosmos flower standing tall against a backdrop of Fall colors. Cosmos is usually associated with the height … Continued

Aromatic Aster Flower

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Many different types of wildflower asters are flowering now including this aromatic aster. I already got a picture of a whole plant and wanted to get a macro photo of a single flower next. Whether seen in a close-up photo … Continued

Tiger Lily Flower

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I found some tiger lily flowers growing in scrubby ground around the edges of the property. Since the flowers look interesting, add color to the garden and the plant can compete with weeds and poor conditions, I’m going to try … Continued

Sweet Pea Flowers

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As I await the fall colors, which will be peaking any day now, I wanted to share some summer colors from the garden. The sweet peas did really well last season! This year in Muskoka we had a very cold … Continued

Muskoka Morning Glory

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As the nights are getting colder, and the threat of frost is becoming an issue, our gardens and fields are rushing to put on a final display of color for the season. Here the morning glory flowers are in peak … Continued

Pickerel Weed in Flower

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Some of my favorite Muskoka fishing spots look amazing at this time of year. Massive colonies of pickerel weed growing in shallow water are in peak bloom. The blue-purple flowers, reminiscent of lavender, bring a rare display of spectacular color … Continued