Colorful Glass and Shadows

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colorful glass and shadows

This display of colorful glass glowing in sunlight on a yard sale table caught my eye so I had to stop and take a few photos. I wasn’t drawn to any particular piece but liked how all the vibrant colors, reflections and shadows played together to create endless shapes within shapes. The always changing sunlight and clouds caused the shadows and reflections to pulse, move and flow as if they were alive or energized in some way. It was an interesting abstract effect.


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  1. Min

    Such vibrant colors – I see a dolphin, a colorful turtle in eddies of sparkling sunfilled waters on white ocean sand – beautifull choice of photograph to share. Thanks Otter.


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  2. Cheekiweeki

    Such sparkly colors – I love sparkly things – especially diamonds !!!! LOL But this glass looks so pretty – especially with the suns rays shining through it. Good choice for a photo shoot Otter….