Eastern Bluebirds

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Eastern Bluebird perched on wood pile

For the past few weeks I’ve seen a healthy flock of Eastern Bluebirds hanging around my house in the Barkway-Lewisham area of Muskoka (near Gravenhurst, Ontario). This year the color on the birds seems much more vibrant than I’ve seen in other years. Perhaps the bluebirds were helped by our very wet spring which may have produced a larger population of flying insects.

The flock of bluebirds includes a variety of adult and juveniles and all of them seem to be enjoying feasting on insects. I find these birds, like most small thrushes and flycatchers, difficult to approach so taking pictures is challenging. This flock however seems to enjoy perching on my woodpile and driveway lights and over the weeks the birds have grown accustomed to my presence. This has given me a few opportunities to get some nice photos this year.

Our other handsome blue colored birds in the area are the Blue Jays. Some years their blues outshine the bluebirds but right now the rich cyan shades seen in the bluebirds is most striking. They are nice to see and helpful too as they spend all their time hunting pest insects in the garden. I hope the bluebirds make a habit of hanging around my house and woodpiles every year!


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  1. Cheekiweeki

    No wonder these birds go with happiness – it makes one happy just to look at the great photographs you have taken Otter Boyd. You are lucky to have such a variety of wildlife in your own ‘back yard’, to see and experience every day. I get excited to see regular ole Blutits and Finches coming to my feeders.


    • Otter Boyd

      I remember seeing Blue Tits piercing the tops of milk bottles delivered to the doorstep. We had to get outside early to collect the bottles before those birds took all the cream off the top of the milk. The closest thing we have here to Blue Tits are the chickadees. Those are nice birds too but not quite as colorful as the Blue Tits you have.


  2. Alexia

    The close up of the bluebird on the wood pile is unbelievable. The rich colour s and fluffy feathers I feel I could reach into the screen and scoop him up!!


    • Otter Boyd

      I like that fluffed up one too, the second photo in the gallery set. That one is asking to be held in cupped hands.