Happy Otterday!

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happy young otters at the pond

This summer the family of river otters is having as much fun in and around the pond as I always do too. Their visits are more frequent and last longer than in past seasons. It is nice to see all my little otter brothers coming to visit so often now. Our area in Muskoka, Barkway-Lewisham near Gravenhurst Ontario, has vast wetlands and thousands of acres of uninhabited land. It’s an otter’s paradise! You can see how much they enjoy it by all the playing they do and the smiles on their faces!


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  1. Cheekiweeki

    Another great catch in your lens Otter Boyd – Daddy Otter, Mummy Otter and Baby Otter – how lucky they are to live in such a nice safe environment!


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thanks, I feel fortunate that they have chosen my pond to use as their playground. They are very active and entertaining, always playing, so I can sit out there and watch them for hours!