Muskoka Garden Flowers and Wildflowers

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Today I’m sharing a small collection of flower photos taken around the property recently.

In the collection below the first photo shows a bed of yellow daylilies against a bed of lupine flowers.

Next, the delicate pink daisy-like flowers are from the Daisy Fleabane plant, Erigeron annuus.

The low-growing white flowers in the grass, followed by a close-up photo of the same plants, is Canadian White Violet, Viola canadensis.

Next are two photos showing masses of Fox and Cubs flowers (aka Orange Hawkweed) Pilosella aurantiaca, growing with English daisies, Bellis perennis, in long grass.

We had some nice big purple iris flowers emerge at the same time as yellow daylilies which made for a nice color combination in the garden.

While cutting the grass I encountered a patch of yellow Sedum, aka Stonecrop. I was careful to avoid mowing the plants as I wanted to return and take photos. I’ve had some difficulty identifying this variety from the many different types of sedum out there. The flowers on this one look similar to the common Yellow Acre type however this flower has more rounded petals and more numerous stamens than Yellow Acre flowers. For now this sedum is a mystery. If you have any suggestions on the type of sedum this might be please let me know!

Lastly, a photo of English daisies and buttercups flowering beside our backyard pond.