Orange Butterfly With Brown Markings and Spots

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orange butterfly with brown- markings Compton Tortoiseshell Nymphalis l-album

Recently a couple different types of orange butterflies with brown markings and spots showed up at my front doorstep. Since they arrived at the same time it gave me a chance to photograph and notice the differences in these butterflies. The first to arrive was the Compton Tortoiseshell Nymphalis l-album, also known as the “false comma” butterfly (pictured above). This one was determined to land on my front door over and over again.

Meanwhile another very similar looking butterfly (pictured below) repeatedly landed nearby. This one, the Eastern Comma, Polygonia comma, spent all its time feeding on salts found in the soil. Proper identification of these insects can be a challenge but it sure helps when two easily confused types show up together and pose for photos!

orange butterfly with brown spots Eastern Comma Polygonia comma

orange butterfly with brown spots feeding on salts in soil Eastern Comma Polygonia comma