Otter Boyd Boy With Aromatic Aster Flowers

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Otter Boyd boy with aromatic aster flowers

Today I played outside around the backyard pond looking for turtles and frogs. I spotted a few and then became interested in all the flowering wildflowers around the edge of the pond. I was sure I’d find a nice big praying mantis or maybe an egg case hiding in the flowers. One of the best plants I found was this aromatic aster growing beside my canoe. The lavender colored blooms were buzzing with bumblebees, honey bees and even a few dragonflies, but no praying mantis yet. I’ll try again tomorrow!


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  1. Min

    That looks like a prize aster – I love these end of summer wildflowers.


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    • Otter Boyd

      The fall wildflowers are at peak bloom right now so I should get back out there and take a few more photos before they are gone.