Otter Boyd Boy With Canoe at Misty Morning Lake

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Otter Boyd boy with canoe at misty morning lake

Early morning fishing outings are always nice but can be specially magical at this time of year. As the water has retained some warmth, and the nights are cold, it creates the perfect conditions for clouds to form on the surface of the water. Paddling a canoe through clouds on glassy still water feels like traveling in another world. All the sheltered lakes and ponds in Muskoka will start looking like this now on calm mornings. It’s a very nice season to get out on the water to do some quiet fishing while gliding through the clouds!


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  1. Min

    A delight to read your description of this lovely early morning scene.


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  2. fiz

    Mr. Otter…

    Probably one of THE things I remember, like it was yesterday, is that glassy lake and the fog sitting on it at ‘my lake’. It was magnificent. I’ll never forget it. Thanks for sharing the good stuff with us all.


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thank you, I am glad to hear that you’ve also had the experience of being at lakes like this one. It is something never forgotten and something we always want to relive again. I hope you’ll get a chance to revisit your favorite spot in the north and see mornings like this on the water again.