Otter in Frozen Pond

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I naturally wanted to make my first real blog post here about Otters. We have a lot in common and not just the name. This otter is just like me; he likes to swim, play, fish, eat, rest and repeat.

The Otter had a lot of fun swimming around under the ice chasing sunfish in my backyard pond. He caught lots of them too!


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  1. Alexia

    Can’t believe you got a pic with the otter having a fish in his mouth!!! I used to fish with my brother and that looks like a little sunfish that I would have been happy to catch.


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    • Otter Boyd

      On that day the otter caught a lot of fish and by bringing them up onto the ice to feast made he easy for me to photograph his catches. By the end of the afternoon the ice was a bloody mess from all the fish that had been caught and ripped apart.