Painting of Boys Pulling Their Sled Through the Snow

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painting of boys pulling a sled in the snow

Last winter I painted a series of paintings for use as Christmas cards and art prints. I wanted the paintings to depict simple snapshots of life for the kids growing up in and enjoying a snowy climate like we have in Muskoka, Ontario. This painting of boys pulling their sled through the snow, surrounded only by nature and open space, is a typical sight we see during winter. Up here, in the smaller and more close-knit communities, kids experience a slower pace, old fashioned simple and healthy outdoor fun, and enjoy more years of childhood innocence. I often say that it feels like we are living in an entirely different time than those living in the big cities. We have all the modern conveniences and at the same time all the charm, peace and lifestyle that for many in the cities is now just a romantic notion or fading memory of a distant past.

I used photos of the boys for reference and worked in watercolor and gouache paints. I think carefully about the elements in paintings as I like them to have the same timeless feel I experience while living here. I hope some people might feel the artwork represents a present day scene, perhaps something they see their own kids doing. Meanwhile I hope others might just as easily imagine the art representing a scene from long ago such a memory of their own childhoods or of an era in artwork they enjoyed in the past.

The story I’m working on is set in the early 1900s and since this style of artwork fits that era nicely I am planning to do all the illustrations in a similar manner. My goal will be to convey the fun, action, personalities and time period in the most seemingly simple snapshots painted in gouache and watercolor.

As the story book illustrations are completed I’ll begin sharing some here. Please take a moment to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any! As you can see by my post frequency I don’t put too much out there all at once so you never have to worry about posts cluttering your inbox.


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