Painting of Little League Baseball Boys Holding Hands

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painting of baseball boys

A couple weeks ago I shared a painting of a boy at his Little League baseball game created for a family in California. After the family received their painting they asked me to do another one. This time they wanted a painting of their son and nephew walking through the infield on their baseball diamond. One of the parents had taken a photo of the boys with her cell phone as she walked behind them. Both families loved seeing the boys holding hands, and the family names on their baseball jerseys, as they walked toward their dugout.

The quality of the cell phone photo had some issues – the angle was far too steep, shot overhead too much, and the lighting was very harsh. The photo wasn’t quite good enough for the family to make decent prints with but it gave me enough to work with so I could create a nice painting for the boys and their families. For this version of the painting I made some small changes, turning the family name into Otter and Boyd, to make it fun for the website.

Paintings like these are specially nice to hang in kid’s rooms and family rooms and I absolutely love painting them. While painting I find myself immersed in the world of the characters which helps me connect with a sense of realism and personality of the people and moment I’m trying to render. Once I send the artwork off to its new home it’s nice to know that the work will be enjoyed and treasured by someone for years.

If you would like some artwork created for you, specially in a baseball theme, sports or play like any of the other work I’ve shared here on the art page, please get in touch with me today! It would be a pleasure to paint for you or to create a special and personal birthday or Christmas gift for someone else! I look forward to your requests and inquiries!


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  1. Cheekiweeki

    Brilliant painting and brilliant idea Otter Boyd – I will pass the word along……….


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  2. Alexia

    Truely wonderful, such thoughtful detail and gorgeous colours!!


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thank you, it is wonderful to be contacted to do a painting like this. I am specially enjoying the baseball theme!