South Muskoka Bears Hockey Goalie Painting

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painting of ice hockey boy goalie

This painting of a boy playing hockey, a goalie for the South Muskoka Bears hockey league, was created for a series of Christmas cards and art prints last season. In the web version of the artwork I removed simply “South Muskoka” from the boy’s hockey jersey so the image might have wider interest or usefulness beyond our little area. I love to photograph sports, specially hockey and baseball, and am sometimes asked to turn a photo into a painting like this. For this painting I worked from reference photos and did the painting in watercolor and gouache.

I would love to get out to the rinks again this season so if you’re in the Gravenhurst-Bracebridge area and interested in getting some photos done, a painting, or both please contact me! I don’t charge a photography booking fee and photo proofs are free!

Good quality sports photography or a painting can be a nice personal Christmas gift for a hockey fan. Sometimes leagues or coaches also use my work as an alternative to handing out a trophy or plaque to recognize a special player. i.e.: player of the week, month or an end of season achievement. It is specially nice when that happens as the trophies and plaques don’t get saved for long but more personal awards and recognition like this will be enjoyed for many years.

I am also happy to hear from people interested in using my artwork or photography to help with their team or league fundraisers, newsletters or other team and league activities. It is always a pleasure any time I can take part in adding some fun, value and good memories for the families and players on the ice or field!