Muskoka Morning Glory

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As the nights are getting colder, and the threat of frost is becoming an issue, our gardens and fields are rushing to put on a final display of color for the season. Here the morning glory flowers are in peak … Continued

Pickerel Weed in Flower

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Some of my favorite Muskoka fishing spots look amazing at this time of year. Massive colonies of pickerel weed growing in shallow water are in peak bloom. The blue-purple flowers, reminiscent of lavender, bring a rare display of spectacular color … Continued

Twelve Spotted Dragonfly

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This week I am seeing some new dragonflies emerging. Now we have some Twelve-Spotted Skimmers, Libellula-pulchella, helping to do battle against the deer flies and horse flies. Twelve-spotted Skimmer dragonflies slightly resemble the Common Whitetail dragonflies that I posted about … Continued