White Cosmos Flower

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white cosmos flower

It is nice to see cosmos blooms in mass plantings but sometimes less is more as in the case of this lone white cosmos flower standing tall against a backdrop of Fall colors. Cosmos is usually associated with the height of hot dry summer but this one seems to represent something else. It’s a beacon reminding me that soon all the Autumn colors will fade into the background to be replaced by cool, crisp and clean wintry whites dominating the landscape.


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  1. Min

    What a beautiful pure white flower, a perfect camera selection to include a trace of grass, the long slender green stalk leading up to those brilliant white petals with the colors of fall visible but not distracting from the primadonna Cosmos.


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thanks, the flowers do have a lot of competition now with the fall colors coming on stronger. This one seemed determined to stand out anyway.