White-tail Deer and American Bittern at the Pond

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I see a lot of deer and bitterns but what makes this unusual is seeing the pair together. The American Bitterns visiting my pond are extremely wary birds. To take photos I have to remain very well hidden. If they catch a glimpse of me, even from a hundred yards away, they will leave the pond. Knowing how skittish those birds are I was surprised to see how the bittern seemed unconcerned about the deer coming so close. It clearly shows how wildlife recognizes and understands each other. The smaller bittern was only worried about getting stepped on but showed no sign of worry that the deer might cause any other harm.

I like seeing these sorts of encounters as they show me how demeanor and body language can say so much to wildlife. Being able to learn and emulate that language enables me to get closer to the wildlife. This deer already seems to understand that I am like another deer in the forest. She comes to the pond regularly, feeds on the lawn almost every night, and now seems more curious about me rather than fearful. When I go outside to see her she often approaches to get a better look at me. Now I am able to openly move around the garden and watch her without causing her any worry. Sometimes I think she might be getting a little too curious. Some nights as I try to sleep I hear her right outside my window snorting through the window screen!

While all the wildlife is busy outside the inside wildlife likes to get busy too. Recently my cat decided he wants to be the centerpiece on the dinner table. Such an important role takes a lot out of him so he often falls asleep on the job.