White Water Lily Flower

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white water lily flower with aphids close up

I found this white water lily flower while out on the water and noticed some activity on the flower and in the water just beneath it. A school of small fish gathered under the flower waiting to catch aphids dropping into the water. I thought the yellow center of the flower and the shadows and insects on crisp white petals looked interesting together so I moved in close to take a photo. The flower did its job well by presenting itself perfectly to draw everyone in for a close look. First came the insects then the fish and finally me too!


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  1. Pamela Cherry

    Beautiful contrast with the white and yellow but I don’t like the look of the aphids at all even if they do bring out the other colours – food for the fish of course,,,,,,


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    • Otter Boyd

      I know what you mean about aphids. They are usually seen as trouble for gardeners. In the wild however nature keeps them in check so they rarely cause big problems. In this case they seemed to cause no harm to the plant and only became a source of food for the fish.