Wild Turkey Taking a Dust Bath

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wild turkey taking dust bath

The wild turkeys are once again making regular rounds of the property, and just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. I watched this one greatly enjoying a dust bath out in the field next to the forest. As you can see, the season of change is upon us.

Speaking of change I’ve decided to improve the page layout, aiming for a cleaner and more streamlined appearance, and to do this I’m removing commenting on most posts. Many posts don’t require comments, and there is a Contact page available at all times anyway, so most comment boxes are a bit redundant. From here on most of the old comments and comment boxes will disappear. Comments will only be enabled on posts where it is more likely that readers will want some interaction or discussion on the page.

Thank you all for your past comments. I appreciate your feedback, questions and conversations. I hope the tweaks and improvements I make on the site will make it more enjoyable for you to browse!