Young Fox Hunting in Wildflower Meadow

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A family of foxes lives nearby and one of the little ones seems most interested in coming to visit me. I often see him at night and sometimes he has stayed with me, playing at my feet, while I take pictures of the stars.

In recent weeks he and my cat have tried to make friends too, but it is an odd relationship. They seem drawn to each other but deep down each knows they shouldn’t really be compatible. The friendly and curious encounters play out calmly until the cat and fox are within a few yards of each other, and then suddenly it all ends with the furry friends bolting in opposite directions.

Now I am seeing the little fox sometimes playing around in our wildflower meadow during daylight hours. He can spend hours out there learning to pounce on mice, sniffing the grass and taking naps in the shade. It is no wonder he and my cat keep trying to become best friends. They both spend their days doing the very same things!