Happy Otterday!

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This summer the family of river otters is having as much fun in and around the pond as I always do too. Their visits are more frequent and last longer than in past seasons. It is nice to see all … Continued

Eastern Bluebirds

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For the past few weeks I’ve seen a healthy flock of Eastern Bluebirds hanging around my house in the Barkway-Lewisham area of Muskoka (near Gravenhurst, Ontario). This year the color on the birds seems much more vibrant than I’ve seen … Continued

Pickerel Weed in Flower

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Some of my favorite Muskoka fishing spots look amazing at this time of year. Massive colonies of pickerel weed growing in shallow water are in peak bloom. The blue-purple flowers, reminiscent of lavender, bring a rare display of spectacular color … Continued

Dog Days of Summer

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Cubby, our cat, finds some interesting ways to get through the dog days of summer. And he’s not the only one basking in summer heat. William, our American toad, continues to return to his personal bath on the front doorstep. … Continued