Trail Life USA Artwork Back Online

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tlusa trail life usa boys climbing over three peaked rockJust making a quick post to let Trail Life USA members know that the artwork I created for you is back online here on the “Free Trail Life USA Artwork, Graphics, Photos and Clip Art” page.

Please have a look, Like and Share with your other TLUSA friends!

If you have any special requests for artwork, or ideas for new designs, please contact me any time or leave a suggestion in the Comments. Thanks!

About the artwork in this post: I had been painting a number of pieces for the Woodlands Trail section and wanted to paint this one to include some of the other older sections too. In some of my Trail Life USA artwork I’ve included a bit of symbolism relevant to the program. This is an example of that here as the rock the boys are climbing has three peaks to reflect that same imagery found elsewhere in TLUSA.

This piece can be rendered on plain white (the option to go without the blue cloud background) and the boys may be removed individually or in groups to turn them into their own clip art pieces which can be used on any background.


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  1. Min

    Would love to visit an exhibition of your paintings – can imagine a room filled with fun experiences depicted so beautifully.


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    • Otter Boyd

      Thanks, having a big room with a lot of wall space would be nice for showing everything I’d want to show. The nice thing about an online gallery is that the wall space can be created without limit.